One thing that makes Amelia’s different from other boutiques is that the majority of our product is resale.  We love that we are able to repurpose pieces and give someone else a chance to love them!  Our resale process is explained under the "Buy, Sell Trade" tab in our About Me section, however it has come to our attention that we have had people leave frustrated after trying to sell with us and we hate that!! So in hopes to prevent anyone from leaving our store with a less than amazing experience we wanted to go ahead and explain what we look for when doing our buys.

Amelia’s is curated resale- this means we are highly selective in the pieces we choose to carry in our store.  We want our store to be a place our customers know they can come and find only the best of the best!  What we choose to purchase is going to depend largely on what our customers are buying//looking for so it will vary from week to week! 


We are always more than happy to go through any items you want to bring us! Our regular buying hours are Monday through Saturday between the hours of 10 and 5 and Sundays from 12:30 - 5!