Amelia's believes that taking part in and caring for our local community is an important aspect of not only business, but life. We support several different charities through multiple avenues. 

"Skip the Bag, Change the World" Campaign

Our customers participate in this program by carrying out their purchases instead of using a bag. Customers choose to donate the cost of their bags to one of two charities, Unbound  or Grace House.


When a customer brings items into sell, they have the option of picking up or donating their "no thank you"s. These items are donated to multiple organizations, including Mission Waco and Shepherd's Heart.

Style Shows

Amelia's takes part in several different style shows each year for local hospitals and organizations. Through these events, Amelia's brings awareness and financial support to the needs of the community. 

If you would like to partner with Amelia's for your cause, please email Amelia's strives to make a difference in our community every day and with your help we can continue to improve the lives of others. Your small acts of gratitude are much appreciated!